Magnetic User Permissions

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Magnetic has 5 user role types which govern access to certain areas of the product and permissions to perform certain functions.  

In additional the role types, there are more specific permissions that can be toggled on a user described in the second table.

Role types:   

1. External Collaborator (FREE)

These users are external to your company and have been invited to collaborate on tasks and projects. They are kept informed with what needs to be done and can comment, close tasks and can attach completed work to tasks. They cannot track time and add free users.

2. Time Trackers (PAID)

These users are your designers and developers who have the same permissions as External Collaborators but can track time and whose performance can be performance reviewed in the HR module. They are paid for at the agreed time tracker rate.

3. Premium (PAID)

These are your sales and account managers, project managers, finance personnel. They have access to almost everything depending on if you have chosen to give them accounts module access. 

4. Manager (PAID)

These users can export data from the system like your contact and project list. More specific permissions are described at the bottom of the page.

5. Admin (PAID)

These users are the supposed gods of the system since they can access everything. They can add new users and delete any tasks to clean up the account if need be. Only admin users will be able to edit a Cost Estimate once its status has been set to Billed.  

Premium, Managers, and Admin users are all the same monthly rate.

Role Permission Matrix

Explicit Permissions

Permission NameExplanation
Can Add Opportunities and Projects
Can add new opportunities or projects and bulk import. 
HR Manager
Set Review Periods.
See all Reviews and Assessments.
Set Employee Costs and see in Reports.

Accounts Manager
Approve Customer and Suppliers.
Add/Edit Item Types.
Can export Accounts to external Accounting Systems.

Account Types
No access, Can view, Can edit, Can edit and approve (Cost Estimates).

Write Approve is particular for Cost Estimates and allows Cost Estimates to be changed from DRAFT status to INTERNALLY APPROVED or later status.

The permissions for each account type gives the user access to view, approve or edit the relevant account types and view the reports that contain information about the relevant account type.
Manage UsersYou can view the emails and calendars of users that you manage. If you are a MANAGER user then you can only view the subject/to/from of the email but not the content whereas if you are an ADMIN role you can view the full content of the email.

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