Adding and managing rate cards

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Adding and managing rate cards

 Create specific rate cards for clients and jobs/projects for greater control around your company billing and rates.

Rate cards are linked to companies. A company can have many rate cards. When a job is added for a company, only the rate cards linked to the company will display for selection. Otherwise default item types will apply.

To add a rate card:

1. Navigate to Finance>Item Types

2. Click On “View Rate Cards”

3. Click on “New Rate Card”

4. Specify a name for a rate card

5. Select which item types to add to your rate card by clicking the "Add" icon on the row of the item type. 

6. Click “Fill with all items” to add all of your non-archived item types to a rate card.
Once an item type has been added to the rate card, you can change the billing rate value and markup value (this will not affect the base item type value).


Clone a rate card by going to “View Rate Cards” and choosing the “Clone” option for the rate card that you wish to clone.
When cloning, you will also be able to specify any increases/decreases to rates.

Note: Rate cards cannot be deleted, only archived

Linking a rate card to a company.
Once you have created a rate card, you can link it to a company by editing the company and selecting the applicable rate card from the “rate card” field. Multiple rate cards can be assigned to a company.

Adding a rate card to a job/project

1. When adding a new job/project, specify the rate card


  • Only linked rate cards will be available for selection when adding a new job for a company.
  • Once a job has accounts associated to it, the rate card for the job cannot be changed.


  • You can only specify one rate card per job
  • when adding a CE/TI for a job, only items from the rate card selected on the job will be available for selection. This DOES NOT apply to tasks.
  • If you create a CE document and select a job with one rate card, and then change the job to one with a different rate card, line items may have their selected item type removed if there is not an equivalent item in the second rate card. You will be alerted if this has happens.

Notice to Xero and Sage customers. 
Your exports will remain unaffected. The base item type code remains the same and therefore will link to the relevant item in Xero.

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