The Job dashboard

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In Magnetic you can get an overview of what is happening with your Job/Project on the Dashboard.

Follow these steps to access the job dashboard:

  1. Click on Jobs.
  2. Click on the name of the Job or View Job icon in the actions menu

Basic Understanding the Dashboard Widgets
Budget - Gives you all of the budget (cost estimate) related information of the job.
Scheduling - Gives you the breakdown of hours, estimates vs actuals, tasks and if you're overservicing on the job (spending more time/hours than planned for)
Financials - Gives you billing(Tax invoice) information including your Net/Gross Margins

TIP: You can see the relevant calculations by hovering over most information sections, for example:

Actions Menu: Additional available job actions

Job Dashboard Tabs: Additional project info on your dashboard, explained below:
Dashboard - Summarised Budget, Schedule and Financial information on the job.
Details - Summarised Job details including rate card info, tags, watchers and custom fields

- Activity that has taken place on the job, including logs, comments, briefs etc.
- Tasks associated with the job as well as summary of the open/completed tasks and the estimated/tracked time.
- A finance summary/overview of the job including all of the associated accounts on the job. Click on each section (CEs/TIs etc) to see the specific accounts.

TIP: You can hover over each heading (cost estimate, schedule, hours, etc) to get a description of what the total is made up of.

Click the "Change View" button and select "Remaining Billing" to get a detailed look into budget/over-servicing/billing metrics on the job

- Any linked sub-opportunities and jobs
- Any files uploaded and linked to the job

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