Pipeline forecast dashboard

Modified on Wed, 07 Feb 2024 at 11:37 AM

This dashboard provides an in-depth overview into your sales pipeline giving a detailed breakdown of your opportunities(deals) as they move through their respective stages.

Key KPI's include:

  • Open vs Signed opportunities
  • Pipeline value size ( avg unsigned vs avg signed)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Expected revenue per opportunity stage
  • Opportunity probability (Sales funnel)
  • Sales Leaderboard

To access this dashboard navigate to Analytics>Dashboards>Pipeline Forecast.

*Important to note: This dashboard is based on following criteria

  1.  Opportunity that have their closing date and duration set
  2.  Jobs (Signed Opportunity) that have start date and end date set, once off and/or monthly amounts. 
  3.  Jobs and opportunities need to contain at least one of the following:
    • Cost Estimate (with a status of Issued or higher)
    • Once off amount
    • Monthly amount

If these values are not available then these opportunities and jobs will be excluded from the dashboard.


  1. Filters.  The search will default to the current logged in user from the current month, 12 months ahead.
    Show Weighted values. Check this if you wish to include Weighted values within the dashboard
    Exclude Signed. Check this to exclude open jobs with a cost estimate issued
  2. Snapshot overview of opportunity breakdown. Hover over the tiles to get insight into how values are calculated

  3. Dashboard. This graph provides a glance at opportunities/jobs per month and their respective stages and values.
    A monthly table summary is also displayed below the graph.
  4. Company Breakdown. Opportunity/Jobs per month and their values. Hover over a value to see a total/status breakdown
  5. Opportunity details list view. A list of your opportunities that includes key information such company, deal age, probability, once off/CE values as well as weighted values and customer acquisition cost. Columns can be toggled to show/hide using the column selector.
  6. Opportunities signed by month. Monthly view of opportunities/jobs and their current stage/values. Click on a month's bar graph to expand and get the opportunity/job details. Hover over a month's bar graph to see a status/value details of the opportunities/jobs within the month
  7. Sales leaderboard. Provides a look into the performance of your sales team and the closing/signing of their deals and their respective values.
  8. Sales funnel
    Opportunity breakdown per status, average probability and once off/weighted values.
  9. New/More business
    Opportunity/Job split between new business(non-approved customers) vs more business (approved customers)

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