Job/Project recon report

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This tutorial will take you through viewing the profitability of a job, by setting up user billing rates and item types as well as utilizing certain reports.

  1. Set up internal employee cost (This is the hourly cost of each resource to the company as well as the default task billing rate).
    • Hover the mouse cursor over your name.
    • Click on Manage Users.
    • Find the user who you wish to edit.
    • Click on the Edit icon for that user.
    • Set the employees hourly cost. ***Note***The hourly user cost can be marked up to take into account general office costs. so it could be salary per hour plus 20% for a fixed amount for instance.
    • Set the employee's default billing rate (Employee Markup - billable to the client).
    • Billing rates are setup by adding item types
  1. Create a New Cost Estimate
    • You have the ability to create tasks directly from the CE.
    • If external suppliers are used, you can generate Purchase Order.
  1. Once the job is complete create a Tax Invoice.
    • You will notice that the status for the TI is Issued.
    • Once the TI has been paid you can edit the TI and change the status to Paid.
  1. To view a Profit and Loss report on this project head to the Analytics then click Reporting. From there click Finance and then Individual Project recon. ***Note***You also get to the recon directly from the job dashboard report link.

  1. Choose your project from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click Include "Employee Costs".
  3. Click the magnifying glass icon.
  4. Expand the gray bars to view the results.
  5. The results displayed on the right of the page (see below) Gives you a breakdown of:

Expanding Revenue will display all Cost Estimates and Tax Invoices.

Expanding Costs will display all Purchase Orders / Supplier Invoices.

Expanding Expenses will display any Expenses such as Travel / Food / External Printing that occurred on this job.

Expanding Task Time will give you a breakdown of each Task including User Costs and Task Billing rates along with Time Break Downs.

Action Point: 

Here is a list of things you must check on profitability:

  1. Does the invoiced amount match the cost estimate?
  2. Were the external expenses more than budgeted for?
  3. Did people go over on time estimated?
  4. Were the resources used on the job priced correctly?
  5. Was there a sufficient markup on the cost of the resources used to the billing rate of the task?

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