Profitability Dashboard

Modified on Thu, 18 Jan 2024 at 08:46 AM

This dashboard provides insight into your overall revenue and cost/time values. By comparing the revenue and time logged across the company, you will be able to gauge the real time profitability of your company

How to access this report:

  • Navigate to Analytics>Dashboards>Profitability


  1. Filters.  Filter by Company or Period. Default date range is 12 months.
    Include Issued PO's in Cost of Purchases. Check this if you wish to include values of PO's with an issued status in the Cost of Purchases calculations on the dashboard 
  2. Snapshot summary of overall profitability. Hover over each tile to see how the values are calculated
  3. Margin % graph. The graph indicates margin % and margin values over the selected date range and includes, billing, hour cost & purchases cost. These values can hidden by clicking on the corresponding value on the legend below the graph.
    A monthly table summary is also displayed below the graph.

    * The data can be download in either SVG, PNG or CSV format by clicking the icon to the right of the graph (indicated below) and selecting the relevant option.
  4. Client Profitability.  Breakdown of profitability per client includes total cost estimates, total billing, cost of hours and margin/margin %.  
  5. Average Hourly rate per client. Breakdown of average estimated/scheduled hourly rate per client from CE's and average/billed hourly rate from Tax invoices. A delta metric is included to show the differences between these values.

    Below is a detailed breakdown of how the Average hourly rate per client and the Delta is calculated.

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