Resource Capacity Dashboard

Modified on Mon, 14 Aug 2023 at 03:43 PM

The resource capacity dashboard can be used to provide managers with a better understanding of their team’s capacity and availability, which can then be used for project planning and future project demands.

To access this report:

  1. Navigate to Analytics>Dashboards>Resource Capacity


  1. Filters
    Ability to filter users by department, position or Line Manager. Indicate a starting year. It will default to current month and display the number of months at 3. (You can choose to display between 1-12 months)
    Include Opportunity probability value over % - Specify a probability value of opportunities to include in your dataset. Probability values are set manually on a opportunity.
    Display values as a percentage - If you wish to display percentage values (instead of hours), check this option
    Show as Available Capacity - Toggle between available capacity or booked capacity

  2. Capacity summary. This view displays a graph of available capacity (in hours) and includes booked time (billable and non billable) as well as any leave added for your users for the date period selected.
    Click on any legend to toggle show/hide. A summary is provided below the graph for capacity for the month and your chosen number of months filter.

  3. Top Utilised. Lists the top 5 utilised resources and their utilisation as a percentage.

  4. Distribution. Displays a list of your total capacity in hours and how those hours are distributed (hour value and percentage of total) on opportunities, non billable vs time and any leave added.
  5. Booked Capacity. Displays the total amount of Booked Capacity as a percentage value. (excludes Leave)

  6. User summary. Displays a list of your resources and the respective booked time / available time. Use the toggle to switch between booked time and available time.

    Example of available time summary. Note below the the availability for Pamela displayed as a percentage (88%) and hours displayed as a value (218 hours)

    Example of booked summary. Note below the booked amount for Pamela displayed as a percentage (12%) and hours displayed as a value (30 hours)

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